"Successful business leaders/owners have the time/money to realize their human potential." Earl Bell

What will you do after achieving business mastery?

Super-teams consistently achieve Hall of Fame results

Your company has a super-team when:

  • It consistently attracts "perfect-fit" employees
  • There is high trust and low drama in the workplace
  • Employees come inspired to work hard/delight clients

Your company operates as a "category of one" with no true competitors

You will know this happens when:

  • Peers admire your company and strive to emulate it
  • Your company is well known and perceived to be unbeatable
  • Revenue and profits continually rise because you become more exclusive

Unbeatable Concept

Value and Price - Balance Concept


Mutually beneficial client relationships become life-time clients

The benefits of a life-time client include:

  • Price is never a consideration because value delivered is so high
  • There is never any desire for a client to "shop around" and compare
  • Long-term clients become your "champion" and will make more referrals

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