Are you feeling exhausted, frustrated and trapped?

After the end of another long day at the office, do you feel exhausted, frustrated and trapped?  According to a survey by Bank of America, the #1 stressor in a business owner’s life is running their company. Now that’s messed up!

Are you unnecessarily spinning inside the wheel of frustration?

Working long hours to attract new clients and replace departing clients is exhausting. Managing the revolving door of employees who simply don’t fit into your company culture, leaving because of your hiring mistake or because the employee doesn’t get along with their boss is frustrating. Fortunately, this repeating trap is escapable and running your company doesn’t have to be a burdensome chore. There is a better way!

You can transform ordinary into astonishing results

You see, business is the ultimate game and it should be fun.  You CAN learn how to experience a much different way of living while building a company that brings pure joy because of all the good it provides to your clients, employees and community.  You can develop your game plan with my proven system for building a company that realizes the potential you imagine.  Life can become more awesome; building a company that better serves you and your life goals!

Are you ready to get started on creating your future?

Owners have told me they are too busy to learn how to improve their companies and lives.  So… I created a system with that in mind; using Little League principles to help you compete and win in the game of business. Are you ready to get started?  To learn more, keeping reading for an overview of what you can expect!




(Expressing Your Dream)

The Cooperstown Effect

How to Define Your Destiny

  • What is the legacy you want to leave after building a successful and thriving company? Why is this legacy important to you?
  • Creating the future of your dreams requires bringing clarity to the life you are working to create AND requires defining the direction your company and life will NOT take
  • What are your financial and personal goals as it relates to building your company?
  • Come learn a simple yet powerful method to define your destiny and more importantly HOW to empower others to help transform your vision into reality



(Filling the Stands)

The Super Fan Strategy

How Profitable Companies Consistently Attract New Clients (New fans)

  • The easiest way to attract new clients is to understand with 100% clarity why existing clients buy from you and why it matters to them. Creating marketing based on this message and you will attract more clients that need what your company provides. On a scale of 1 to 10, how does your company’s marketing effort rate?
  • Learning what your company’s secret sauce is, or creating it if such a thing doesn’t exist, is essential to attracting new clients that can fit into your client for life business model
  • Another must-do action step is to provide everything a potential client wants to know about your company before they make a buying decision. What you don’t provide will shut down your company’s marketing magnet!
  • Come learn a simple system that works so that your company is consistently attracting instead of repelling potential clients

How Profitable Companies Transform Clients into Annuities (Season ticket holders)

  • How difficult would it be to build a company if each client only made one-time purchases because their buying experience sucked? If you understand this basic idea, then you know what NOT to do.
  • In fact, the easiest way to grow a profitable business is to consistently deliver results that exceed client expectations while creating memorable buying experiences. Transform first time buyers into lifetime clients and you will dramatically grow your company’s revenue and profits with less effort.
  • Come learn a simple yet effective model to turn clients into repeat buyers while inspiring them to share your awesomeness with others who need exactly what your company offers!



(Fielding the Team)

The Super Team Strategy

How Smart Companies Consistently Attract the Right Employees (Attract the best)

  • Over 99% of companies go about hiring employees the wrong way
  • Learn why most job ads place companies at a disadvantage
  • Learn how to place a job ad that attracts the right personality to fit each job opening
  • Learn how to effectively pre-screen and interview candidates so that you get comprehensive buy-in for making the right hiring decision

How to Improve Team Effectiveness Through Deliberate Onboarding (Transforming individuals into teammates)

  • The world’s best marketing won't help your company build a roster of great clients unless your company develops a system that successfully onboards new employees
  • Most companies struggle with the relentless cycle of hiring and firing, which makes retaining clients more difficult
  • What do you think is the value of being able to successfully onboard new employees and what do you believe is the cost of NOT solving this problem?
  • Learn how systematize the process for onboarding employees who embody your company’s values and consistently deliver on its brand promise

How to Stop Paying the Penalty on Employee Turnover (Building a winning team takes time)

  • Losing employees is expensive. According to Gallup Research, the cost of losing an employee due to voluntary turnover is between 40% and 500% of an employee’s base salary
  • This is the penalty companies pay all the time for not making the right hiring decision and not creating an environment where employees can meaningfully contribute and thrive
  • Learn how to minimize paying this penalty by eliminating one common hiring mistake, creating a team focused and personal achievement based culture and systematizing a process for developing and retaining high performing employees



(Playing to Win)

The Hall of Fame Strategy

How to Consistently Have More Fun While Realizing Better Business Results

  • Having a full roster of raving clients and a team of enthusiastic employees is a great starting point
  • However, without a repeatable business system to deliver consistency awesome results, today’s days of glory will be replaced by tomorrow’s longing for the glory days
  • The best companies, just like the best baseball teams, learn how to consistently play great offense and defense. Successfully capitalizing on opportunities while preventing and managing pitfalls is what separates winners from losers in the game of business
  • Learn a functional framework for staying focused yet adaptable, staying both strategic and tactical, while having more fun while winning in the game of business with greatly consistency and less effort

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