Grow Your Company in a Focused,

Flexible and Supportive Online Environment

The mini-academy is comprised of 8 monthly online workshops

Each followed-up with a group coaching call

Culminating in a 1 day LIVE event

Part I - How to Create Your Company Vision and Define Your Destiny

You will bring verbal and visual clarity to your business and life by:

1. Developing a specific list of written goals that motivates you to take action
2. Creating a visual picture that inspires others to help your company grow
3. Crafting a story about why your company matters to your clients and employees

Part II - How to Increase Your Company's Revenue and Profit

You will discover a four-step process to build client trust and relationship while delivering the value they REALLY want by learning how to:
1. Actively listen to what clients want and don't want
2. Develop a model for predictably earning trust and building relationship
3. Deepen client relationships resulting in more repeat business
4. Activate your marketing engine and increasing the amount of referral business.


Part III - How to Build High Performance Teams

You will learn a four-step process to attract, hire, onboard and retain employees who care about your business as much as you do...
1. Actively listen to what employees really want and don't want
2. Develop a model for predictably earning employees' trust and building relationship
3. Deepen employee relationships resulting in high loyalty, effort and effectiveness
4. Learn how building high performance teams increases both repeat and referral business

Part IV - How to Win in the Game of Business and Have Fun

You will design a personalized road map to success for your business and life
1. Work fewer hours and leverage untapped potential residing in your company today
2. Develop a business game plan that enables employees to consistently compete and win
3. Become a better mentor and coach to your team and teach others how to succeed

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