Develop a Game Plan for Business Success

Simplify Your Life at the Same Time!

  • I’d like to tell you about a learning opportunity specifically designed to help owners and leaders develop a business road map to become more in control of their company and time.
  • This means learning how to bring laser like-focus to increasing profitable activities while decreasing time spent on unprofitable energy drainers.
  • Gearing up for the daily grind can be replaced with opportunities to serve more clients each succeeding year with increasing profitability.
  • You will also learn how great companies attract, on-board and retain employees who are highly productive, engaged AND WANT to help you build the company that you imagine it can become.
  • Long hours and struggle can be replaced with shorter hours and more fun than you can imagine.

About Earl

My name is Earl Bell, author of Winning in Baseball and Business, Transforming Little League Principles into Major League Profits For Your Company.  For nearly 20 years, I was an executive and/or part owner of companies that ranged from the start-up stage to $125 million in annual revenue. Two decades of experience led me to realize that building a company is the ultimate game; and I believe all games should be fun.   By keeping score of things that worked well in 5 different companies, along with things that turned out horribly, patterns began to emerge which led to an epiphany that there is a predictable formula that works for just about any type of business that wants to become more successful. This formula REALLY works well for companies that provide a service.

Business Outcomes

The companies I was part of increased in value by over $230 million but that value could have been much higher with the vision and knowledge that comes with 20/20 hindsighat makes small businesses thrive, what makes them fail.  I am on a mission to help business owners and leaders learn how to compress the time it takes to build the company of THEIR dreams.

Currently, all of my coaching and strategic advisory clients are having their best year-to-date ever.  For the most part, changes made were subtle but the effects profound.   What is common is a greater focus and attention on what works and what doesn’t work.  What separates these owners from their peers is a greater understanding about how important it is to prioritize time, getting comfortable moving outside of normal routines by becoming uncomfortable and grooving into new patterns of activity.

How it Works...

The Master Academy  offers four separate 2-day courses that are held at a public venue or as an off-site company retreat.

Academy Content

Course design comes from independent research of the top challenges facing 100 small business owners:

#1 Overcoming High Stress and Long Hours with Desire to Increase Purpose and Direction

  • Defining Success – Winning in the game of business begins with the end in mind. You bring clarity and focus to what you are trying to achieve as a business owner and how this integrates with your personal life.
  • Attracting Profitable Customers – Learn the formula for building long-term relationships and lifetime clients and you will decrease the time it takes to increase profits and have more fun doing it.
  • Why Clients Buy From You and Why it Matters – Learn what your “secret sauce” is, or creating it if such a thing doesn’t exist, is the secret to creating clients for life.

#2 – Attracting Profitable Customers and Increasing Revenue

  • Marketing and Selling the Client Hero Experience – Super heroes are easy to market and sell. In fact, creating super hero experiences lead to massive referrals which is how companies grow almost effortlessly.
  • Building Intentional Company Culture that Delivers the Client Hero Experience – Companies like Zappos and Nordstrom have created a legendary company culture that customers love. Focus on the right things and you too can bring these ideals into your company.
  • The Secret to Creating a Highly Engaged Team of Employees – Who wouldn’t want to become a super-hero at work? Employees are thirsting for this experience.  Learn how to give it to them so they in turn are inspired to be a hero to others.

#3 – Building a Super-Team of Engaged and Productive Employees

  • Developing Awesome Leaders and Teams – Leaders inspire others to do that which previously was thought to be impossible. Employees want to be a part of these teams.  Create great leaders!
  • Creating Organizational Alignment – Imagine everyone in the company being 100% aligned on the ideals of delivering totally awesome hero like experiences to clients and peers while simultaneously removing drama from the workplace. Getting from where you are to where you want to go becomes a lot easier in this environment.
  • Developing Business Goals, Strategy, Tactics, Execution and Accountability – Everyone loves a great game plan, especially if their role is clearly defined, provides meaningful opportunity to contribute and leads to recognition for results delivered.

#4 – Creating a Sustainable Company That Doesn’t Require Active Owner Participation.

  • Investing in and Protecting Your Business Assets – Here’s a clue, these assets (clients, culture and employees) are not on your balance sheet, but they disappear at the end of each business day and return at the beginning of the following day.
  • Dealing With Business Risk – The game of baseball has a top and bottom half to each inning. ½ of the game is spent playing offense and the other half playing defense.  Both are important.  Learn how to play great defense, categorize all risks into 5 buckets and develop an action plan for each type of risk.
  • Systematizing Your Business – How cool would it be if you could leave for a 6 month vacation and come home to find out that nothing but great things happened in your absence. Now that is a company which becomes an asset of great value.  Clients will appreciate the predictability of awesomeness that occurs even when the owner isn’t around and employees in this environment step up to their responsibility as an important team member because they do not want to let down their co-workers.


In addition to each course which is taught in an adult learning environment, you will be able to participate in a post course group coaching call which lasts between 1-2 hours.  This is the opportunity to take the course work concepts and ask questions about how to start implementing them in your business.  All participants are encouraged to actively participate in the call.  Regardless, the call recording will be available for everyone to access for 30 days.

As a special bonus for each course taken, I will offer a 1.5 hour private session (one session per company) via video conference.  This time can be used in any way you desire.  Many participants choose to focus on where to invest their time and money while setting very specific business goals.  We will mutually decide how to maximize the value of our time spent together working one-on-one.  The value of this session is $750 and I am offering it as a special bonus .

The Group Learning Experience Guarantee

  • Company retreats are designed for the entire leadership team.
  • The public event courses are designed for the company owner and their #1 trusted employee or business partner to attend together.
  • For up to 30 days after the course is taken, if after full participation, principles taught are diligently applied, all homework is completed and you feel that you did not receive value in exchange for time and money invested, I will refund 100% of your money with no questions asked.

Public event right of refusal

Because the cohort composition in each course is critical to achieving successful outcomes, if I feel at any time that you are a detriment to the group experience, I will refund 100% of your investment and ask you to leave the group. High impact group learning experiences require total commitment of all members and I am 100% committed to the group being able to achieve their goals.

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